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These are our premier servers

All of our servers are handcrafted and customized to enhance your gameplay!

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    Where your dream builds come into existence. WorldEdit and more!

  • 2


    A fun, relaxed, vanilla, currency-based, PvE Minecraft Server.

  • 3


    Battle to destroy the enemy's obsidian core in this fun PvP game!

  • 4


    Pew! Pew! Pew! Shoot other players and take your team to victory!

  • 5

    Slime Run

    Splat! Jump around and be the last man standing to win this sticky game!

  • 6


    Jump, run, and climb in this 1v1 classic Minecraft minigame!

  • 7


    Food does not heal. Do you have what it takes to survive?

  • 8

    Coming Soon

    Our members help brainstorm awesome new games for our server!


Our community is everything to us.
We everyone.

When you are playing in BuildCraftia server, you feel like you are a part of something, something really awesome and inspiring . There is no barricade between regular players and staff. We are all one! We form the most glorious family of Minecraft!

What is Destroy The Core?

In Minecraft Destroy the Core, two teams must battle it out with arrows, swords, and special add-ons along with using found items in chests around the maps in order to destroy the opposing team's core. Each core is wrapped inside of obsidian, and the first team to take out the core wins the game.

This Minecraft minigame has been a BuildCraftia favorite for several years. We are one of the first servers to develop this game mode and we are always updating and improving

BuildCraftia is the best Minecraft Server

  • We care about you. Not about profits.

    We don't just listen to your ideas - we implement them into our server.

  • Over 50,000 happy players

    With the statistics we have, no wonder why everyone loves our server.

  • One of the top servers

    Server lists everywhere will show that we are one of the top-rated servers and we respect that our players got us there.

OVER 3,500,000

Statistic based off MCBOUNCER results

since day one — Sept. 10, 2011

  • Magical

    When you are on BuildCraftia, you feel like you are part of something. Something magical.

  • Optimized Experience

    We are always brainstorming new ways to optimize our servers for a latency-free experience.

  • Trained Staff

    Our moderation and administration team are trained to deal with the most complicated of tasks.

  • Excellent Features

    Custom plugins, voting rewards, and more. Each server is packed with features that make it unique.

  • Reliability

    BuildCraftia is backed with only the best software and hardware to make us available anywhere in the world.

  • Custom Games

    Our servers are built around a advanced custom API that's been penguin-approved.

Recent Screenshots from Members

We always love playing with our members and how else can we represent that other than screenshots?

Some Cool Facts About BuildCraftia

  • Years Online

  • Staff

  • Uplink (MBPS)

  • Cups of Coffee

  • Servers

  • GB of Ram


Team behind BuildCraftia

This is the development and administrative team behind BuildCraftia. Click here for a full staff list!

Do you us?

Thank you for any contribution you can make to our network as we really appreciate it.

Click here to visit the shop and view all we have to offer!

5.00 $

  • //set (WorldEdit)
  • 10 Plots (Creative)
  • Bat Pet (Creative)
  • Yellow Tab Name (List)
  • Yellow Name Tag (Above Head)
  • More commands added all the time!
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75.00 $

  • 50 Plots (Creative)
  • /dc (Turn into Mobs!)
  • Tons of WorldEdit commands!
  • Blue Tab Name (List)
  • Blue Name Tag (Above Head)
  • ...and a lot more commands!
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